A drawing worth a thousand words

Take just ten minutes and read Drawings that will change your life by Ralph Perrine. This articulate, beautifully presented manual presents four drawings designed to help planning and collaboration with certain types of problems.

  • For establishing balance in relation to important decisions;
  • For identifying opportunities that you might miss because you’re overly focused;
  • For checking your progress and evaluating your plans for meeting an important objective;
  • For planning a path toward excellence, deciding who to emulate, and who to collaborate with, etc.

360 Degree Awareness

These drawings can help structure a discussion. More specifically, these are tools that fit well with the ‘communication and consultation’ elements of the risk management process.

Drawings that will change your life is just one of many “manifestos” that are distributed through a website called ChangeThis. The site is dedicated to distributing important ideas that can change the world. Idealistic? Yes, but regulation in the context of democratic principles is also a big idea that has and continues to change the world.


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